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An Interview with VT Youth Poet Laureate Harmony Devoe

Harmony Belle Devoe (Photo/ Tina Picz Photography)

Harmony Belle Devoe is a freshman at Harwood Union High School. At 15 years old, she is the winner of this year’s Vermont Youth Poet Laureate competition, held by Sundog Poetry, which highlights top youth poets through their portfolios and pieces. 

“Harmony is kind and dedicated in equal measure. She cares deeply about equity and social justice, as well as creative expression,” said Ellen Parent, Devoe’s current English teacher,” as one of the editors of Harwood’s new literary magazine, she is helping build community and showcase the talented writers and artists at our school- which certainly includes her! As a ninth grader, she is already an important leader in our school community.”   

A Knight’s Banner Staff Writer sat down with Devoe to discuss her new role as the Laureate and the frameworks of her poetry.

Who is your favorite poet and why?

Devoe stated that her favorite poet was Richard Williams because she enjoys the artistic videos he creates, and he continues to motivate her to explore her poetry in new ways.

Who is your biggest supporter of your interest and passion in poetry?

“My mom is the biggest supporter in my passion for poetry.  She taught me about poetry and will often give me prompts to practice with and give me feedback on my current poems.”  Devoe enthusiastically added that her mom is also a writer and loves to sit and listen to her read her new poems. The mother and daughter pair seem to share a very important bond over writing, which creates a safe and supportive environment for them to learn from each other. These are all things a young poet needs to thrive.

How did you begin writing poetry? What age?

“I started writing poems in third grade for a poetry unit we did in school where we had to write about nature.” Devoe connects this to her current writings as she loves to base her pieces on nature and finds roots in it.

Do you have inspiration for or themes in which you write your poetry?

Devoe is very dedicated to social justice and creating a more equitable world, which is reflected in her poems’ themes.  Devoe declared, “ I often look at what is going on in the world and on the news and often address social injustices.” Devoe said she also looks to nature for inspiration and often relates nature to the person in her poems.

What are some strategies for young people who also want to pursue poetry but do not know how to start?

 “Any kind of writing that is beautiful is poetry, and start by finding something that is interesting to you and write words that make the reader feel how you feel.” Devoe has a special and emotional connection with words, and she highlighted that anyone can write poetry with the lead of things they find beautiful in their lives.

Your parents (specifically your mom) are artists; how has their passion for the arts played a role in your life as a poet?

“My mom has always done freelance writing, and their studio galleries have exposed me to art; they never made my creative endeavors feel silly. I often would come back home after an event at the gallery and sit down and begin a poem as [the event would] inspire me.” 

As the Vermont Poet Laureate of 2024, what messages are you trying to convey to other young people?

“I hope to inspire young people to keep an open mind as prejudgment often blocks you from great things.” Devoe also encourages young people to begin writing poetry at any age, as she hopes for everyone’s voices to be heard.

Harmony Belle Devoe is a student who continues to spread her love for writing to create a better world. She was lovely to meet with and her words even inspired me to go pick up a pen! 


The following is a poem that Harmony chose to share with The Knight’s Banner:


Thank You

By Harmony Belle Devoe



Twist the narrative


Are apathetic to the merit of


Who have worked tirelessly

To please 




To thank you?

To be proud?


Could we

After all you have wrecked,



After our planet 

Is the hottest mess

It’s been

In 125,000 years

After women

Are taught to be modest

And men to hide their tears

Children layer on their fears

After the oceans

Are filled to their rising sea levels

With 199 million tons

Of your trash

Thank you take out bags



To ask


Could we be proud?

Telling us

That in fact

We should be mad

I am disappointed

I am not impressed with what the adults have done

You reap what they sow

Take the money and run

To your Planet B



Are left

With the burning forests

The drained dry hearts

This future before us

Ends before it starts

We are not quite too tired

For the unbegun rest

But we won’t be quiet

We will open our chests

Our voices

Will be exposed

Our choices

Will be educated


Will stand


Our books not banned

Our burning rage continues to be fanned



Will say

“We are proud,

Thank you”

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