“Enjoy It” Say Graduating Seniors of their Time at Rice


Sophia Strouse recieving her diploma.(Photo/Steffen Parker)

Moorea Lambert and Berit Gross

This Saturday, 81 young people walked across the stage in the gym to officially conclude their high school careers. Afterward, we asked a few graduates what they would tell underclassmen still at Rice Memorial High School, and discussed their proudest accomplishments. Some of their answers are below.

What advice would you give to underclassmen still at Rice?

“I would tell the underclassmen that they don’t need to take everything so seriously, they can take a deep breath and enjoy their time at Rice. I think a lot of people just rush through.” (Sydney Adreon)

“Basically do your homework every day. It’s an important part of your grade to graduate!” (Brandon Olivas)

“Just enjoy your time here and take advantage of the time you have left because it goes by pretty fast.” (Anna Marsella)

“You know, just enjoy your time here. Make good relationships and push yourself. Have fun.” (Micheal Foglia)

“Make sure that you enjoy being there and make the most out of every class. Focus on one task at a time.” (Luke St. Peter)
“In those moments where you’re sitting and you’re like, “I just wish this was over”, look around and just kind of soak it in because it really does go by really quickly. I wish I remembered more of the key moments during assemblies and mass and even just like morning announcements when they were like “I’m so excited” when we were winning a game or the play. Just remember those moments where you wish it was over.” (Mary Grace Murphy)

“Be willing to change and be open.” (Gabe Thompson)

“Always work hard, no matter the circumstances. Because in life when challenges come your way, it’s hard work that will prevail. Not money, not fame. It’s hard work. That’s what matters at the end of the day.” (Caden Fischer)

“I think stick to your values and make sure you give it 100%. No matter what test you get, always give it 100% and you will be awarded with greatness.” (Mathias Mazanti)

“Always be yourself and do whatever makes you happy. Don’t care about what anyone else thinks.” (Tela Haskel)

“Always reach out to your teachers for anything, whether that’s positive or negative.” (Vicky Miguez)

“Stay on top of your work because if you let too many assignments pile up, they’ll catch up to you and you just won’t be able to get anything done.” (Shea McClearen)

“Just work your hardest- you gotta stay consistent. You got to just do your work every single day and you’ll be fine.” (Tayshawn Brown)

“I would just say go with the flow, work every day the hardest you can.” (Cade Bretton)

What is your proudest accomplishment from your high school career?

“I think my proudest accomplishment was all of the work that I’ve done with Hope Happens Here and really like being a change for mental health at Rice.” (Sydney Adrian)

“Winning Stunt Nite!” (Anna Marsella)

“Graduating.” (Micheal Foglia)

“Honestly, my favorite project was my CSL paper. I genuinely liked having that reflection on who I was as a person and how I grew as a Catholic student and a person and a friend and a peer. Genuinely just sitting down with that final interview with my mentors was really special.” (Mary Grace Murphy)

“Is it selfish to say I have a very loving relationship with my girlfriend? Then that would probably be one of my greatest achievements.” (Gabe Thompson)

“Today, graduating. We’re all here together.” (Caden Fisher)

“Probably my football season. The goals were achieved! We gave it 100%” (Mathias Mazanti)

“My biggest accomplishment is all the relationships I made with people who I didn’t know when I first got here and that will last forever.” (Cade Bretton)

“Graduating.” (Carter Blanchard)

We at the Knights’ Banner wish all of the graduates luck in their future endeavors.