Christian Frenette: The Supporter


Christian Frenette in his classroom waving the Quebecois flag. (Photo/Patrick Sawyer)

Patrick Sawyer, Journalism Student

“Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?” Christian Frenette joked. “Because there were so many knights.”

History teacher Christian Frenette at Rice Memorial High School is a man of many jokes. Frenette wears a signature cardigan with the elbows ripped out of it and his signature grayish-white beard.

Rice brings many students in from around the world. Frenette connects with all students, especially exchange students. Many of the exchange students play on the Rice Prep Hockey team. Frenette has a love of sports, and this is partly why he connects so well with exchange students.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Cooperative, conversational, and safe. I want students to feel comfortable in my classroom, so they are not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions.

What brought you to Rice?

I had a good experience as a student and was offered a job by a man I greatly respected

How do you think students would describe you?

Fair, respectful of students.

Your teaching style?


What do you like to do in your free time?

Walk the dog, fish, visit museums, and watch the Red Sox.

What would a student say in an appreciation letter to you?

That I was kind to them and helped them become the adult they have become.

How was your time as the associate principal?

Horrible. It did not play to my strengths, and I was miserable.

Why do you like teaching better than being an administrator?

I like teaching better because it is a cooperative rather than a punitive relationship.

Do you teach for the student or for the job?

I teach for the students. I believe in their success.